Activities at Arrahma



M.Sc Psychology and diploma in clinical psychology internship program

We have conducted an internship program for the M.Sc psychology students and post graduate diploma in clinical psychology for Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan and Government Degree College & University for Women Multan. In the program the students had lectures and tutorials on selective topics of psychiatry related to clinical psychology and providing opportunities for preparing case histories as well. During this year about 20 student have completed their internship at Arrahma hospital in various modalities of internship program ranging from 4 weeks to 6 weeks and 8 weeks.



Orientation Program


Nursing Cadets from CMH Multan

On 5th March 2007, nursing cadets of Nursing School CMH Multan visited Arrrahma hospital  on an orientation tour led by Lt. Col Iftikhar and Maj. Njeeb Ansari (In charge training officer CMH Multan). After completion of the orientation tour, souvenirs of the hospital and broachers on common psychiatric illness were distributed among the nursing cadets.


M.Sc psychology students of Islamia University Bahawalpur

On 19th April 2007 M.Sc psychology students from department of Applied Psychology of Islamia University of Bahawalpur visited the hospital accompanied by their teacher Mr. Bilal Ahmed. They were briefed about the aims and objectives of the hospital and the services provided. After the end of tour the students were given refreshment and hospital souvenirs and pamphlets were distributed to to students.



Flower show at Arrahma hospital

In March 2007, for the fourth consecutive year, Arrahma hospital has won the 1st and 2nd prize at the Multan industrial estate flower show. Heartiest congratulations to the head Gardner and his team for the hard work. Beautifully laid flower beds and spacious lawns add to the aesthetic and leisurely relaxed environment of the hospital which is very much appreciated by the patients, their families and all those who visit the hospital.



Free Multan Health Camp (Epilepsy week) in collaboration with Rotary club of Multan Midtown

A free health camp was held on 24th June 2007 in the hospital with the collaboration of Rotary Club of Multan Midtown to commemorate Epilepsy Day. The free camp was inaugurated by the president Rotary Club Rtn. Muhammad Hanif and assistant governor Rtn. Hafeez Ahmed. The camp by largely attended by the patients who had come from Multan and surrounding areas of Southern Punjab. In the camp they were provided free checkup, medicines, and public awareness brochures on mental illness. The psychology students of Bahauddin Zakariya University and Govt. Degree College and University for women Multan also participated in the camp. The free mental health camp was organized by Genetic Pharmaceuticals.



EEG Laboratory

In July 2007 an advanced Digital multi channel Electroencephalogram Neurotravel light 32 channels has been installed in the hospital. Its advanced features helps in achieving more specific diagnostic criteria consequently enabling us to not only confirm or rule out epilepsy but also to specify in most of the cases the areas of epileptiform activity origin and its spread as generalization. It also plays a key role in the diagnosis of headaches, brain tumors, head injuries, metabolic disorders, brain infections, behavior problems and mental abnormalities etc. At the same time it is the totally non invasive diagnostic modality. The EEG laboratory is managed by experienced and qualified EEG technologist.



World Mental Health Day 10th October 2007

On 10th October 2007, world mental health day was celebrated at the hospital by holding a free mental health camp. The world mental health day free camp was organized by the collaboration of Adamjee Pharmaceutical, Helix Pharmaceutical, Genetic Pharmaceutical, Werrick Pharmaceutical, SJG Fazal Ellahi, Martin Dow Pharmaceutical, Araf Pharmaceutical, Vertex Pharmaceutical and Nabi Qasim Industries. Patients were checked free and given free medicines with public awareness pamphlets on common psychiatric illnesses.



Hospital Canteen

A newly constructed canteen has started functioning from August 2007, to carter for the day to day needs of the patients and their attendants.



CME (Continuing Medical Education)

In the hospital we arranged continual medical education programs for the family physicians of Multan city.



Leaflets and Pamphlets on common psychiatric illnesses

Hospital has also prepared leaflets and pamphlets for the benefit of public awareness about common psychiatric illnesses namely Depression, Anxiety disorders, Schizophrenia, Mental Retardation & Epilepsy. These were distributed to the outpatients and inpatients.



Free drug Bank

A drug bank in the hospital has been established for giving free medicines to the poor and deserving patients.




Since last four years we have started an annual newsletter of the hospital which in reality is part of continuing mental health educational program for the general practitioners and primary care physicians.



SOS Children village Multan

Following request from administrator of SOS children village Multan we provide psychological consultation and counseling to the children of SOS village Multan.



Liaison with institutions abroad

The hospital is in liaison with the Institute of Psychiatry University of London, Department of Psychiatry University of Edinburgh Scotland, and The Royal College of psychiatrist of U.K. This liaison helps the hospital in keeping up to date with the current developments in psychiatry.

















































































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